Dussehra 2018: Date, Significance And How To Celebrate In A Healthy, Eco-Friendly Manner


Vijayadashmi or Dussehra can be celebrated on October 19 this year. The pageant indicates the victory of desirable over evil. Read here to realize how you may celebrate Dussehra in a surroundings-pleasant way.

Dussehra, additionally referred to as Vijayadashmi might be celebrated on the nineteenth of October this 12 months. ‘Vijay’ refers to victory and ‘Dashami’ refers to 10th. This famous Hindu competition, celebrated on the cease of Navratri every 12 months, signifies the victory of precise over evil. The phrase Dussehra is derived from the Sanskrit phrases “dasha” and “hara” which suggest “ten” and “defeat” respectively. Dussehra is widely known on the 10th day of the month of Ashvin, which falls in the Gregorian months of September or October.

Dussehra is widely known in different approaches in one of a kind components of India. In West Bengal, Durga Puja celebrations start on Sashti or the 6th day of Navratri and maintain till Vijayadashmi – while idols of Goddess Durga are immersed in the water our bodies. It is believed that Durga led a nine-day long conflict against the demon Mahishasur and killed him on the tenth day. This is why the one-of-a-kind manifestations of goddess Durga are worshiped for the duration of the Navratri pageant every yr and the 10th day is dedicated to Durga as Vijayadashmi.

In Mysore, Dussehra is well known as Mysuru Dasara in which the people have fun Goddess Chamundeswari (an avatar of Goddess Durga) as the vanquisher of Mahishasura. On at the moment, the Mysore palace is superbly illuminated and processions are held through the city, with the idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari perched atop an elephant.

In north India, Dussehra celebrations consist of burning huge effigies of Ravana, his brother Kumbhakaran and his son Meghnad. This is completed in order to suggest Lord Rama’s victory and additionally the victory of right over evil. Another good sized a part of Dussehra celebrations is Ram Lilas. Ram Lilas start a few days before Dussehra. People accumulate in big numbers to witness plays, musicals, and skits revolving around some of the most memorable episodes from Hindu epic Ramayana.

Amidst celebrations, it is also important to hold in my mind our environment and air pollution in particular. With the rising ranges of air pollution in Delhi, it’s far crucial to understand that burning effigies can contribute to the worsening of air quality. It is likewise important to keep away from the use of firecrackers as they’re one of the most important participants to air pollution. Increasing tiers of air pollutants could make human beings greater vulnerable to sicknesses like bronchial asthma, cardiovascular sicknesses, and other breathing troubles. Since the past few years, the levels of air pollutants tend to rise particularly in Delhi at some stage in this time of the 12 months. It turns into so risky that fitness specialists advocate refraining from all outdoor activities. So, it is essential that activities which further make contributions to air pollutants are avoided. Celebrations of Dussehra can be saved easy and surroundings-friendly by using specializing in its importance.

According to Dr. Geeta Prakash, a Delhi-based totally family health practitioner, “burning effigies and firecrackers make contributions fantastically to air pollution. Traditionally, Dussehra celebrations were synonymous with effigy burning, however, toning that down to some extent is the need of the hour as it can assist meet issues of rising ranges of air pollution within the town.”

“Burning crackers emit numerous smoke and this smoke aggravates pollution degrees which are already on the rise. People with bronchial asthma, chronic lung ailment and allergies have a tendency to feel worse throughout this time of the year,” says Dr. Geeta.

She additionally factors out how animals get scared of the noise of the burning crackers. “The handiest trouble is that Dussehra celebrations have always been celebrated by burning effigies and crackers. And on account that we do not get any smokeless crackers right here, it would be nicer if crackers were completely prevented.”

Speaking on alternatives to burning effigies to cut down the smoke, she says that it may be averted with the aid of lighting a diya underneath the effigy as a part of symbolizing that the effigies are burnt. “Though, fighting against belief is going to be very hard. We have used to scrutiny the Ravana effigy burn. It is one manner wherein we have constantly taught our kids about the victory of truth over evil but efforts have to be made. Another way of controlling burning of effigies may be via proscribing the variety of effigies burnt in a place. Instances of 6 effigies being burnt in one single locality must be prevented.”

“Since the areas where these effigies are burnt gets very dusty, it’s far tough for kids to be in such crowded locations particularly considering the fact that viral infections, dengue, and malaria are spreading,” she says. The concept is to preserve a stability by using burning fewer effigies and lights lamps and diyas rather than fireplace crackers to tone down the celebration and make it environment-friendly.


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